Potenciamos la competitividad y el crecimiento online de tu empresa mediante la optimización de tu entorno digital y el diseño de estrategias de crecimiento.


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Internationalization strategies

International strategy

Online y Offline

Custom strategies

Adapted to the companies’ needs, helping them to enter new markets or improve their current strategies

B2C and B2B companies

Reach new markets

Strategies for both B2C and B2B companies. Helping them enter new markets, or improve their current strategies

Work phases
Analysis of Strategic Business Units (SBU’s)

This helps us to know the general situation of the company from the different activities it performs

Design of a digital internationalization plan

Blueprint for the company, from which it can take the correct steps towards a digitalized international strategy

Commissioning of resources and equipment

Development and implementation of digital tools: web, ecommerce, analytics, acquisition channels, marketing automation, marketplace

Tasks to be carried out to achieve objectives

Implementation of international digital strategy. Developed though task planning and management and objectives to be achieved

Real-time results tracking

Through dashboards, the main KPIs of the strategy will be measured in real time to know if we are reaching the desired objectives

Our partners in international trade

In addition to our international digital strategy service, we have a network of expert partners in international trade. Thus, covering all the needs that an internationalization process requires today

ASR International commerce consultants

ASR International Commerce Consultants

Export and internationalization consulting

Specialists in the internationalization of companies, institutions, groups and joint projects. We maximize your time and resources to expand your markets, clients and diversify sectors. We add and integrate digital tools and online work to our experience, to accompany you safely and efficiently.

We plan and implement the global international strategy of our clients.

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