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How to start the international digitalisation of your business

digitalización internacional

How to start the international digitalisation of your business

If you are aware of the great importance of digitalisation to achieve an international presence that will allow your business to grow, here at Orbetec360 we give you some tips that can help you to start digitalising and internationalising your company.

Advantages of international digitalisation in the company

Among the main benefits of the international digitalisation of the business, we can highlight the following:

  • Detecting opportunities for the company in new markets.
  • Improve your strategy and sales in the markets in which you operate.
  • Performing testing of products and remote services.
  • Have total control in the management of advertising campaigns, segmenting more precisely the target audience in each country, or controlling in real-time the advertising expenditure for the different actions to be carried out.
  • Maintain relationships and interactions with customers, establishing a closer relationship. Connecting at any time in real-time, and at a really low cost.
  • Automation of processes, saving a lot of work in manual tasks and allowing you to work remotely, without losing control and with total access at all times. Speed, both in decision-making and operations.

Your first steps towards digital internationalisation

To begin with, if you want to reach the international market, in addition to having a good digital strategy, it will be essential to have a logistical structure to support the process, and to know in advance the viability of the product in other markets. This prior analysis, with which you can learn about the export opportunities for your business, would be the first step to enable your company to export to other markets.

Once the opportunities and export capacity have been analysed, you will be ready to take advantage of all the benefits of digitalisation.

For the internationalisation of the company to be carried out efficiently and achieve a high degree of success, it must be accompanied by a good digital strategy.

Otherwise, it will be useless to try to compete with many other established companies with a strong position, which have been competing for years in a globalised market that we have not yet entered.

In order to enter the global market from a position that allows us to adapt, compete and grow, we must work on three fundamental pillars: digitalisation, internationalisation and branding.

The following steps are necessary to be able to carry out the international digitalisation of the business correctly.

Analysis and definition of objectives

First of all, it is necessary to be clear about the objective to be achieved, which international markets you want to access, capture leads or contacts, test the introduction of a product in a specific market, increase the presence and notoriety of the brand in different countries, etc.

In this section, it is also important to make a study of the local and international companies operating in each area, as well as the regulations of each region or country, to be able to align the objectives set with the specific conditions of each case.

Segmenting the target audience

The next step after defining the objectives is the segmentation of the target audience to be addressed. This requires answering questions such as who will buy the product, what needs the product will satisfy, or what products you will compete with within each market.

It will also be necessary to define other demographic data and information about consumers in each region, such as which internet search engines they use, which channels they can and cannot access (in certain countries, for example, the use of certain social networks is not allowed), or where they view and buy products (on the web via a PC, on a mobile phone, etc.).

With this study, it will be possible to carry out an efficient segmentation according to the tastes and interests of the customer and develop an operational plan for each market. This will allow the development of marketing strategies that achieve a higher degree of success in each of the markets.

Establishing digital contact channels

In addition to the digital visibility channels mentioned above, it is necessary to establish the necessary communication channels to be able to reach customers in new markets, such as social networks, email, multi-language online sales platforms, etc.

Furthermore, the company’s web platforms must be available in the languages of each of the countries where it is going to work or be introduced. Although English is the international language of business, in order to establish a closer and more successful relationship with customers in each area, the language of each region must be used.

CRM integration in the organisation

A CRM is a very useful system that allows you to manage your entire customer relationship, centralising in a database all the information processes between the sales, marketing and customer service departments.

Once the contacts have been obtained, they must be integrated into the CRM software to create the appropriate communication processes with them, with the aim of converting these contacts into customers of the company.

The automation process is key to be able to track and control all these processes, as well as monitoring to see if the objectives set are being achieved and to be able to apply the necessary corrective measures.

Automation will make it possible to establish personalised communication with each customer according to their needs and the stage they are at, making the relationship between company and customer closer and more satisfactory.

Now you know what the first steps are to create your international digital strategy and be able to take your business to new markets and opportunities.

At Orbetec360 we are specialists in international digital strategy, both in B2B and B2C companies, where we work to offer you all the advantages in researching the sector, generating good visibility, creating contacts, positioning yourself and making your brand grow.

Would you like to take the first step towards a future with more opportunities for your company? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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