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Digital strategy and the future of international business

estrategia digital internacional

Digital strategy and the future of international business

Digitalisation is bringing about major changes in the international trade of goods and services. It is not surprising that platforms in the online e-commerce world already have enormous volumes of activity, so international digital strategy will be indispensable to avoid being left behind.

What is happening to international business?

The health emergency situation has prevented the movement of commercial staff which, together with the decrease in international fairs and events, has meant that many companies have been affected when it comes to maintaining fluid relations between companies and clients in the same way, as well as when offering their products or services (derived from logistical, production or sales problems), reaching a situation of isolation that could have been solved if they had had a good digital integration. This will be fundamental and a key element to maintain existing relationships with their customers (or even improve them), to attract new ones, or to have access to their products and services through different digital channels from anywhere in the world.

What is clear is that digitalisation is key for companies to achieve their ideal of internationalisation.

Where does your company stand in the international digital strategy?

Nowadays, the internet is the medium that allows us to be permanently connected to a globalized world, being able to make a query and resolve it instantly from anywhere.

That is why it is considered almost essential that business communication (commercial or non-commercial) is through digital channels, using the web or other media to provide or inform both customers and companies about their data and products or services, as well as internal communication between other companies and customers.

A digitalised company can adapt much more quickly, and better, to changes in customer buying behaviour anywhere in the world, because customers, no matter what, will continue to make their enquiries in the online environment.

For this reason, depending on the situation in which your company is in digitalisation, adapting, pivoting, or looking for new markets will be more or less easy, which would be a great ally to maintain or increase the sales of your business.

What can we do for the internationalisation of your company?

At Orbetec360 we want to help you to be better prepared, to achieve better processes in the digitisation of your business, and to find the great opportunities of the international market, whether your company is still in an environment with little or no digitisation, or already has several processes that you want to scale to obtain better results.

To do this, the first thing to bear in mind is that in order to reach the international market it is not only enough to have a digital strategy, but also to analyse whether you can count on a logistical structure that allows you to carry out the commercial process, and to check the viability of the business in other markets, to find out whether your company is capable of exporting internationally.

Once you have analysed your possible outsourcing opportunities, you can start to develop all the advantages of digitalisation.

My business has no digital strategy 

The evolution to the digital medium requires time, but, above all, a change in the strategic mentality and the company.

Nowadays, the stage and evolution of communication are advancing unstoppably. Technology allows us total connectivity, which has meant that both the way we relate to each other and how customers consume has changed, it is for this reason that businesses must adapt to think digitally.

Going digital is a medium to long term process, and it is important not to do it quickly and badly, as it will be detrimental to the business, however, it is worth the work because of the many benefits it brings. You will find new business opportunities and get more potential customers. In addition, interconnectivity will speed up analysis and decision making, allowing you to work more efficiently, and you will be able to establish links with other companies, even if they are in another country.

Make the change of mentality that your business needs and manage to sell more by digitalising your processes internationally so that you do not fall behind your competitors.

If you want to be better prepared and establish an international digital strategy in your company, but you don’t know how to start, you can get information and consult this guide in which we show you good practices and advice on the first steps to digitalise your company internationally.

My business has some digital process

If your company has some presence on the internet, with a website where you can offer your products or services, it may be time to analyse how to improve those processes, discarding what does not work and enhancing what works best. Once we have found these keys, we can carry out automation processes within the business. This will allow the most repetitive tasks to be carried out automatically. These tasks can range from lead acquisition to actions in the different stages of a sales funnel.

These automation systems will save time and avoid possible failures in the supply chain or the relationship with the customer. Moreover, as long as there is correct planning of the process to be automated, it will not be complicated.

Some advantages that you will get by setting up task automation can be:

  • Having a strategic plan to help your company grow
  • Improve work processes within the company
  • Increase the acquisition of leads and potential customers
  • Increasing the closing of sales through conversion funnels
  • 24/7 automated sales

The sooner you evolve digitally, the more advantages and facilities you will be able to obtain in the international market, which will translate into greater competitive advantages for your business.

Do you want to improve your processes and take advantage of all these benefits? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you on how to implement automation in your international digitalisation strategies.

My business is well integrated into the digital environment

Once a company has a strong online presence, and automated processes, it will be fairly easy and comfortable to maintain its international relationships, although it will need a solid strategy that allows it to scale processes to see significant benefits.

This scalability is achieved by combining different automation, establishing the best practices in key processes, which is where the greatest efficiencies can be generated.

With online marketing automation and CRMs, it is possible to achieve higher conversions of new customers, as well as advantages in relationships between B2B and B2C companies.

In addition, with good data management, you will be able to obtain crucial information that will help the company to improve and offer better products and services, as well as a greater competitive advantage.

The aim of all this is to grow digitally with the methodology we have carried out, and if this has been achieved, a key point will be to check whether this digital growth strategy can be replicated in other markets.

At Orbetec360, alongside our partners in international trade, we help you to improve the scalability of your processes in your international strategy.

What is the future of international business?

In international business, it is necessary to know how to handle all the documentation that is generated in order to know how to take advantage of the opportunities to apply this information to obtain optimal processes and generate competitive advantages. Automated processes will make it possible to work remotely, maintaining control of each task, as well as the relationships between companies and clients, and all of this while having access at any time from anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies will help technology to adapt more and more to users, understanding and analysing their behaviour better and better, establishing future predictions that companies can use to differentiate themselves.

There is no doubt that internationalisation will bring numerous benefits in the future to companies that bet on it. Such as, for example:

  • Finding a way out of country or sector downturns, with their consequent drops in
  • New market and growth opportunities
  • Consolidate your brand internationally, giving more strength, capacity and image to the company.
  • Increase competitiveness by being able to face international scenarios.

Therefore, bringing technology closer to international processes will be a key differentiating factor in business.

Are you ready to understand the new digital clients and companies? At Orbetec360 we help you in your international digital strategy, and together with our network of partners in international trade, we cover all the current needs for your internationalisation process.

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