Potenciamos la competitividad y el crecimiento online de tu empresa mediante la optimización de tu entorno digital y el diseño de estrategias de crecimiento.


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Social media advertising

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Advertising campaigns on social networks

Take advantage of social networks in your business

There is no doubt that the presence in Social Networks is more than necessary for all kinds of digital projects. Taking advantage of the structure of social networks to start a conversation with potential clients can be a great advantage. It means the possibility of establishing unlimited contact in real time, thanks to the interactivity of this new digital space. Advertising campaigns on social networks have made it possible to break down the barrier between companies, media and users, turning this previously distant relationship into direct and instant contact.

campañas de publicidad en redes sociales

Facebook Ads

Segmented and optimized campaigns to promote products or services

Instagram Ads

Reach your audience through one of the social networks with the most users and activity


Twitter Ads can help you get your message across effectively


How do we work?

The first step in creating a social media advertising strategy is to be clear about the objective of the campaign. Do you want to create or to publicize your brand? Are you looking to increase sales, website traffic, or both? Is your goal to build customer loyalty?

At Orbetec360 we help you identify the best channels, investigate your competitors and create advertising campaigns fully focused on your objectives.

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Fantastic work

Fantastic work on our international strategy in Spain. Would highly recommend!

Anthony Gallagher - CEO

Highly recommendable professionals

Extremely happy with Orbetec 360, exceeded our expectations with positioning our company in the UK market. Highly recommendable professionals, will definitely use their services in the future, many thanks for all your support.

Andy Coles - CEO

Now we have traffic from Google

Orbetec 360 designed a web positioning plan for us, and also achieving great results both in Spain and in the US.

Mikel - Commercial Director

My clients find me on Google

I have a carpentry business in Pamplona, and thanks to Orbetec360's work I get clients through my website.

Alberto - Self-employed

Orbetec360 a trustworthy partner

For a company like ours, having the collaboration of Orbetec360 is a great benefit. They are great professionals

Jamiro Wiest Jr. - CEO

Position my website

They helped me with the web positioning of my website, something that has been very important for a local business like ours.

Mikel - Local business owner

Professionals, colleagues and already friends

Without you this would not have been possible. Digital marketing strategy and tailor-made training. And already with results!

Arantxa Zazpe - CEO

They have been a great help to our business

Orbetec360 has helped us create the growth strategy for our service. For an entrepreneurial project like ours, it has been key.

Jokin - Self-employed

We have increased sales

They have helped us to create an online sales channel that has led to a considerable increase in sales

Miguel Ángel - Commercial Director

Orbetec is our SEO agency

After trying several SEO agencies in Navarra and not getting the expected results, we contacted Orbetec 360 and everything changed. We have been working with them for almost two years and we recommend them 100%. We can say that it is the best SEO agency in Pamplona.

Juan - Manager

The importance of social media marketing

An aspect born of the importance of social networks is the ability to virtualize content. This happens when content is multiplied in the different social networks, acquiring a relevance beyond what is expected. Marketing in social networks allows content to reach a large number of people in a very direct way, and by recommendation.

A social media campaign can be a very important differentiator. It is a new way of communicating a large amount of information (without having to search for it). In addition, it is an opportunity for companies to show their friendliest image at a very reasonable cost. It allows us to segment a lot, which makes it possible for us to target a high-quality audience.

In this way, we can understand which audience you are targeting and which are the appropriate social networks in each case. With the information about the objectives of your company and the type of user you are targeting, we can design a marketing strategy in social networks that is aligned with the rest of the company’s actions. We will choose the channels and the type of actions per channel. We will plan the type of content and its frequency, establishing at the same time the appropriate KPIs to be able to measure results and to optimize.

Social networks present a way of competing between companies, regardless of their size, and where the available resources, being important, are not essential. This offers the opportunity to stand out thanks to creativity and conversation with users.

We create digital businesses
Growth Hacking

We design and execute growth hacking strategies for all types of companies. From B2B companies to B2C companies or projects.

Strategies to create more competitive digital environments that help create scalable products or services for your business.

Web development

We develop websites and online stores fully customized to your business strategy and easy to use.

All our works are designed under the client’s growth strategy. We don’t just make websites, we create digital businesses.


We have extensive experience in international strategies in countries such as the United States, England, Ireland, France, Costa Rica, Panama or Mexico

We develop digital marketing strategies at an international level helping our clients in their internationalization processes.


Our goal is to design digital strategies that enhance your company in this new digital environment.

Within this strategy, we always include In House training because we desire that you understand the defined digital strategy, and above all, that you know how to govern it over time.

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